Kind Words

Maria & Matt

Choosing the right photographer for our wedding day was very important to us, and we could not be happier with Jenny and Blake. The moment Jenny & I had our introductory phone call, I knew she understood the feel and vision we had in mind for our wedding. It was an absolute joy working with them throughout the entire process- Jenny is not only a true artist, but a consummate professional. She was very involved prior to the wedding and always so responsive and helpful when making decisions about photography. Perhaps my favorite part about working with Jenny & Blake, (aside from the pictures!) were how seamlessly they worked their way into the crowd on the day of the wedding. Guests really enjoyed spending time with them, and they facilitated such a relaxed and fun environment throughout the whole wedding. They made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, which really showed in the photographs. They are both wonderful people individually, and as a team they are incredible. Looking through the photos after the wedding was an incredible experience for our families – Jenny and Blake beautifully captured the emotion that we all felt that day. The photos from the wedding are absolutely gorgeous and transport us right back to the day. It was so fun to receive all of the overwhelmingly positive reactions from both guests and family. Choosing the photographer for your wedding is such an important investment, and we are so grateful that we chose Jenny & Blake to be a part of our wedding!!

Sarah & Doug

When it came time for us to hire our wedding photographer, we knew it was going to be one of the most important decisions we would make during our planning process. We knew these photographs would last us a lifetime, and we wanted someone with not only wonderful photography skills, but also with a true artistic talent. We wanted someone whose work stood out from the rest. When we found Jenny we fell in love. She is not just a talented photographer, she is a true artist — and her energetic, positive, “do anything” attitude struck a cord with us. We connected immediately.

Throughout the entire planning process, and up through the day of our wedding, we never viewed Jenny as just another vendor, we viewed her as a partner. She guided us through everything, and was always available and accessible to answer any questions that we had.

Another aspect that drew us to Jenny was that she came as a package. The day of our wedding, Jenny’s husband, Blake, was our second photographer. He, too, was fantastic. Blake was able to spend time with my husband and his groomsmen — easing them into the big day, and taking their photos while they got ready — all while making them feel comfortable. This allowed Jenny to get the detailed shots of our venue and photograph my bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law, and myself as we got our hair and makeup done.

During our first look, and really throughout the whole day and night of our wedding, both Jenny and Blake were “all over it” — taking photographs from various angles at the first look, during the ceremony, during our dinner reception, and of course, on the dance floor.

The outcome was jaw dropping. Our photographs are not only stunning, but they also perfectly capture every moment of the best day of our lives. I highly recommend Jenny Moloney Photography. You will not be disappointed; in fact, you will be amazed as you watch her go above and beyond to beautifully capture your special day and provide you with flawless images for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Alina & John

Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding. This is the person you are choosing to be right with you through some of the most memorable moments of your life and trusting to capture the true essence of the day so you can relive them over and over. Jenny could not have been a more perfect choice for us. From the moment we met Jenny when she photographed my sister’s wedding, I knew she was something special. Our guests instantly fell in love with Jenny; she seemed to be everywhere at the same time and always full of energy and love. She softly provided wisdom on schedule and shots, she produced smiles everywhere she went, and most importantly produced photos that bring us back to one of the best days of our life. Jenny’s skills with a camera combined with her expertise and personality makes her indisputably the dream-wedding photographer for a dream wedding.

Jillian & Ted

Ted and I had the best experience working with Jenny and Blake I had met with Jenny before the wedding and immediately hit it off with her. She made me feel comfortable and confident, and made it so much fun to work with her. We could not be happier with the way the pictures came out from our wedding day. They are absolutely stunning and I will cherish them forever. Choosing a photographer is never an easy decision and for me was the most important one. I spoke to many other photographers during my search, but it became clear that we would be in the best hands with Jenny. Since my wedding, two of my bridesmaids have also used her for their wedding, which goes to show just how wonderful the experience was for everyone.

Brianna & Mike

Hiring Jenny Moloney was the best decision we ever made for our wedding! From our first phone call about a year before our wedding day to the sparkler send off at the end of our wedding, Jenny was sweet and fun to work with. Jenny makes everyone feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera resulting in absolutely stunning photos. She goes the extra mile for the perfect shot and is clearly a perfectionist when it comes to her work (though you might not guess it from her calm personality). One of our favorite parts of our wedding day was taking photos in a field of tall grass right after the ceremony. Jenny knew just the moments when we wanted to goof around and also when we wanted to enjoy the romantic bliss of our first minutes of marriage. Her instincts about people clearly play into the beauty of her photographs. The photos of our wedding weekend are beyond anything we could have imagined. She captured every detail and emotion creating a complete story of the day. Our friends and family continue to tell us that our wedding photos are the best they’ve ever seen- we could not agree more! The icing on the cake is that over the course of the weekend Jenny became a true friend. We feel so lucky to have found her!”