Haymakers for Hope

Boston, MA

Haymakers for Hope is an awe-inspiring charity boxing event that fights back against cancer.

Each year, men and women get in the ring to raise money for cancer research, care, awareness, and survivorship.

As founders, Andrew Myerson and Julie Anne Kelly wanted to grow their charitable organization when they brought in Jenny Moloney Photography for their boxing-centered events. They wanted to show the transformation and journey of the fighters.

Through her lens, Jenny illustrates the grueling training and the emotional and physical transformations. The pent up energy and nerves before the competition, the blood, sweat, tears, and joy shine through in these portraits – portraits of fighters putting it all on the line to end cancer.

It is a huge privilege to witness these athletes put it all out there for such an important cause. Keep your eye out for more images from the next set of fighters!

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