Radiant Yoga

South Boston

Each year the students of Radiant Yoga celebrate their hard-earned teacher certification with a celebratory photoshoot with Jenny. It’s a tradition the owner, Chanel Luck looks forward to with excitement.

The first year found Jenny, Chanel and the recent graduates on Castle Island in South Boston. Using the sun and sand as inspiration, the images were light, joyful and soulful, capturing each individual’s unique spirit.

Inspired by the yogis’ determination and dedication, the second year was shot using the Boston skyline as the backdrop. Jenny showcased their serene energy against the contrast of the urban city scape.

By the third year, teachers were ready for anything! Jenny and Chanel worked together to source a location that matched their edgy and powerful personalities – an old abandoned train station in Hyde Park.

It’s a joy for Jenny to be able to celebrate this important moment in the life of these teachers by photographing them in the city they love. Visit the blog to see images from the Costa Rica Retreat!

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