Ganz-Fessler Family

A Love Story

“When Jenny got down on the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill, literally lying on the ground, while 8 months pregnant to get the perfect shot I knew I had chosen the right person!” – Sarah Fessler

Stumbling across Jenny’s work on Facebook, Sarah was immediately struck by the beauty and honesty of Jenny’s photos. Reaching out to Jenny, Sarah felt an instant connection and hired her to shoot their engagement photos.

Jenny continued on to photograph Sarah and Steve’s wedding at the gorgeous Seaweed Estate in Newport in August 2013. It was an emotional day for Sarah who had recently lost her mom to breast cancer. Capturing this day to share with their children and future generations was important to them both.

“Having lost my mom to cancer before I met Jenny, I knew firsthand what a comfort pictures can be. My mom was so often behind the camera that, unfortunately, the images I have of her are too few.”

In the Spring of 2016 Sarah’s sister, Kath, was getting married in Naples, Florida and they knew that Jenny and Blake were the only ones they’d want to photograph their wedding. Kath and BJ hosted an amazing weekend in Florida – bringing everyone together for time together at the beach and by the water. Jenny loved being a part of another life moment for these sisters.  To top off an already spectacular weekend, Sarah told Jenny and Blake that they were expecting their first baby in the fall!

“It was too hard to say goodbye to Jenny and Blake! So, we had to keep hiring them and referring them to all of our friends and family just to make sure we could still hang out with them . . . kidding . . . sort of.”

Sarah knew she wanted to have Jenny photograph the changes they would go through in the coming year. To cover the growth of her first baby Sarah booked a maternity, newborn, 6 month and 1 year session.

In the Spring of 2018, Sarah reached out again looking to do another family collection of sessions.

They were newly pregnant with their second and wanted to do a session in their neighborhood of Tribeca. Sarah and Steve loved walking around their favorite spots and capturing a piece of their every day.

This summer, Jenny met up again on Cape Cod with Sarah, Steve and their family. Sarah was 32 weeks with baby #2. Henry was now 22 months and getting ready to be a big brother. They all spent the afternoon around the house, and later rode the boat out to their private beach. It was another epic day and the Moloneys were honored to know that they helped another family create memories to share.

“The days we’ve spent with Jenny making new memories with our son are priceless. These are the days we will always remember, not because they require an anniversary, but because we were able to capture a sliver of an everyday moment that might otherwise be forgotten.”

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